Requiem Rising Singapore


A group of music lovers resurrected the past by forming a tight knit community of underground musicians spreading love of new wave & alternative rock. started in


Managing Director: Winston “Stone” Bautista

Director: Francis “Franz” Hizon which brought back the 80’s new wave era.


MANILA: 2011

Managing Director: Bienvenido “King” Gonzalez



Managing Director: Edgardo “Monx” Moncayo

Directors: Deo Virtucio Jonas Brizuela, Ped Pamintuan & Jowee Stariray


Because of the full support of the Pinoy and Local scene Requiem became a reality and it pushed through to continue with Events.image Looking Back…

I’ve met Deo, Jonas & Ped with John Ferrer & Jef Calayo (Arcts/Photographers) in a Photoshoot they’ve organized.image and it turned up really well.

Clementine + Shiela And The Insects (SATI) 02.FEB.2013 Blu Jaz Cafe Bali Lane IMG_16860694647605IMG_12188256580002IMG_23095148689252 IMG_23052265120941IMG_23212122311766IMG_23234990964403 IMG_23113112186887 IMG_12046556419060IMG_11995494442285

This would probably be the first gig i saw, and the most memorable one. I was actually just accompanying a good friend of mine to see BASTI at Beerhouse, Bali Lane when I bumped into Deo. We were asked to join them to a gig they’ve organized at Blu Jaz, Bali Lane just a couple of steps away. Typical me were I would just stay at one corner and listen. Up to my surprise when they’ve announced that a member of the Orange & Lemons – Clemen Castro would be performing that night… Oh I was a huge fan! back to back with this rising band from Cebu “Shiela and the Insects” whoa what a combo!

After that gig we headed back to Beerhouse and these amazing artists continued on playing for us beautiful songs while sipping to a mug of beer, everybody were smiling, laughing, giggling. Everyone’s just so hyper. We surely had a blast! And this is were I became part of their family.

Ebe Dancel 02.Mar.2013 Oleary’s Sports Bar & Restaurant Singapore Flyer IMG_16615419734363IMG_12340379008324IMG_16348242577986 IMG_12441429169164IMG_12331634773529IMG_23401906142982IMG_27958479795631IMG_27942161308248IMG_12274645115334IMG_12297548954429   IMG_12344149393868          IMG_23437569945582  IMG_23636160971135IMG_23492906281568

The next gig I went to was “Ebe Dancel”

Everyone’s way too excited for this event. The night before we had some drinks with his beautiful wife “Nikita Dancel”

all of us girls were just stunned how pretty she was. We could almost stare at her the whole time. The following day would be the gig at O’learys Sports Bar & Restaurant, Singapore Flyer. We had a fantastic crowd that almost occupied the whole space of the venue. Everyone was so alive! And every girl were supah ‘Kilig’ while Ebe serenades.

Brisom + Carlos Castano Blu Jaz Cafe Bali Lane Mar 2013

IMG_23746300423479  IMG_23867550629329IMG_24005048573062   IMG_23994406066140

This was the first time I’ve met these Cool Hot Guys: Carlos Castano & Brian aka Brisom. Just listen to their individual music you’ll get hooked on how they play with it. Carlos even made a video for their album Carlos Castaño – “Back to Color”:, were everyone from that gig were part of it. How cool was that!

Gorgeous models just popped out from the audience and was given each a “BRISOM SHIRT” oh I got one too! lucky me hehe.

Queso + Greyhoundz 28.Apr.2013 Powerhouse St James Powerstation Sentosa IMG_28615531730862 IMG_16573338011635IMG_28495010791846 IMG_28066462003267  IMG_12729481032802IMG_28647288557961IMG_28705243158904IMG_28690024601022IMG_17184274383718IMG_16295303734585IMG_16282049519871    IMG_28110812329829  IMG_28567130839546  IMG_28132772512964        IMG_24140851104210         IMG_12679399399402

Since the crowd has been growing as the RRSG family continues to organize events with bringing awesome talents, performers, amazing bands well why not make it to a really big venue such as the Powerhouse St James Powerstation, Sentosa. Yeah it’s crazy! A night full of alcohol boosts, raps, head banging, and the very famous “flips”, to gorgeous ladies handling the Brgy Tibay/Medisina Merchandising, to an awesome crowd, a full packed venue and unstoppable, cool and wild bands/ front acts. It’s madness!

Renegades: Lot Lot & Friends + Lupa and the Supertars May 2013 Oleary’s Sports Bar & Restaurant Singapore Flyer IMG_28426372960938 IMG_28439461512527IMG_24605210144014  IMG_24522547331392 IMG_28454956487868 IMG_28451131399116

If your opt for a more chillax, soulful vibe you should check out these bands – Lotlot and friends and Lupa and the Superstars and experience a magically enchanting sounds coming from various musical intruments and you’ll find yourself singing and dancing to the tunes of “SESAME STREET” 🙂

Clementine + Chasing Frequency 26.Jul.2013 Blu Jaz Cafe Bali Lane IMG_24720290719695 IMG_24845473013420

Once again Clem’s back reviving and reliving the songs from the Beatles. There’s this part were I even went up on stage and had the chance to jam with him while oddly this time he plays the drums. All I ever could remember was that ray of spotlight, a blushing cheeks and a very happy me 😀

Up Dharma Down (UDD) 25.Aug.2013 Powerhouse St James Powerstation IMG_28943008172184IMG_12944350063572 IMG_13216366487783IMG_24903637217531

Up Dharma Down (UDD) post, experimental, electronic, pop rock Filipino Band with eclectic kind of music.

Album: “Capacities”

IMG_13200718667943  IMG_28896654217162 IMG_28932009002387

Once again were back to Powerhouse St James Powerstation, from a long queue of avid fans across Asia, a full house venue, to a cheerful crowd wanting for more… they’re definitely coming back to Singapore again SOON!

Azkals: Younghusbands Oleary’s Sports Bar & Restaurant Singapore Flyer IMG_13031923864530 IMG_13010032996644

Azkals a representative to the international football, our national football team.

IMG_13027983415611   IMG_13081691227761IMG_13141600500457IMG_16118708400418 IMG_13126514929158

This is definetely were aside from Famous Bands, Celebrities comes out. Who would have resisted such an opportunity like this to meet hunk celebrities such as the very charming ‘Younghusbands’. Yes you’ve guessed it right this would be the part wherein all the ‘single ladies’ pops out. A day of Athletes, Football, Pools and boosts.

Rakrakan 4 Relief: Habagat 07.Sept.2013 CJ’s Bar Sentosa IMG_13327413521086IMG_25330435270318IMG_13414826526462  IMG_13408136945918   IMG_13333202890340IMG_13436323839847 IMG_13444043400768 IMG_25100131905667 IMG_25223677555059  IMG_25170631020368IMG_25206047433301IMG_25283285363338 IMG_25238607217066IMG_25144823874813IMG_25114314251799deIMG_25267807460038 IMG_25126939997721

RRSG also organized relief events such as the RakRakan 4 Relief: Habagat – wrath of the moonsoon, encouraging new filipino/ local bands to perform live for a good cause. All proceeds of such events would go to the families of the victims.

A fun reunion of fresh new bands in the making sharing their talents/ craft. Pinoy’s were definitely so talented! Rock on! \m/

Rakrakan 4 Relief 22.Sept.2013 Blu Jaz Cafe Bali Lane IMG_13559538771489  IMG_15853131304042 IMG_29154891404828IMG_25356132250914 IMG_25363684032126 IMG_25374055984965 IMG_25400782835394 IMG_25406134553479 IMG_25414255324108  IMG_25445201132790  IMG_25427049363906

IMG_25451809146918 IMG_29008715611633 IMG_29020359590804 IMG_29052153353445 IMG_29055228213030 IMG_29080319588208IMG_29059961084699  IMG_29100060678925 IMG_29109911932514 IMG_15910034652693   Rakrakan 4 Relief: Haiyan/Yolanda Initiative 29.Sept.2013 Oleary’s Sports Bar & Restaurant Singapore Flyer IMG_29452486450970IMG_29449643882051IMG_29458666206472IMG_29444479259007 IMG_29243331737620 IMG_29256738923042 IMG_29339607883124IMG_29302689620731IMG_29329895184952IMG_29309359334400  IMG_29269552677799      IMG_29473903197646IMG_29425391247165IMG_29358062201549

RRSG is open too to Local bands… So watch out for each one of them, you might have seen them on the limelight SOON!

Meet & Greet: Aubrey Miles + Punk 04.Oct.2013 Oleary’s Sports Bar & Restaurant Singapore Flyer IMG_29493776604738IMG_13270596105643IMG_29410063207740 IMG_13660726304495 IMG_13634489494858IMG_29404195285571 IMG_15660788550950

RRSG also had back to back’s with other organizations – MOE who brings celebrities and had a chance to take their photo on a themed shoot.

Johnoy Danao 02.Nov.2013 Olearys Sports Bar & Restaurant Singapore Flyer IMG_13756209015374 IMG_25770503573737IMG_15555729402816IMG_15561122441277

Johnoy Danao frontman of the defunct band “Bridge” (2000), went as a solo artist performing originals and cover songs.

Album: “Dapit Hapon”

IMG_13807279755815   IMG_25639867510799IMG_25635884674755IMG_25562673578762 Another amazing Acoustic Night packed with such beautiful crowd falling in love with originals and cover songs.

A night full of Love.

Kate Torralba + Rizza Cabrera

IMG_29595602342450 IMG_22742499708584 IMG_29641312379097

IMG_29584875320655IMG_25589716094983IMG_13814726886236 IMG_25615808276871

Kate Torralba a fashion designer/ singer/ songwriter from Cebu.

Album: “Long Overdue”



A classic, sassy, fun night… enchantingly beautiful. Fashionista’s rule! A splash of PINK for a pop of color that best describes the very bubbly Kate. Just like Ebe Dancel she also sang my all time favorite “Moon River”

Dave Elkins + Brisom 18.Nov.2013 Tab Bar IMG_21818857272977IMG_17023770396599IMG_17503099506495

Dave Elkins vocalist for both Mae and Schematic.

Album: “Sky’s the Limit”

Such a privilege to have met this wonderful guy together with his wife during his Asian Tour back to back with Brisom.

Carlos Castano + Bangs 07.Dec.2013 Olearys Sports Bar & Restaurant Singapore Flyer IMG_16972260806199 IMG_17726381190685  IMG_29693756958539IMG_29679017920365IMG_29700663717084IMG_29670367202611

Once again Carlos Castano is back for the finale of his Series: “City Lights – the End” with celebrity guest Bangs who joined him on stage and several amazing front acts.

Sagip Tulong Kababayan: Haiyan/Yolanda Victims 08.Dec.2013 Hong Lim Park IMG_25840016594603 IMG_29773643136994 IMG_29778893215663 IMG_29822220314018IMG_29818092031640IMG_29811807849470IMG_29802560606841      IMG_29860337138161 IMG_29856912265742IMG_29866462269955 IMG_29869749303206  IMG_29892186582258 IMG_29898668294845 IMG_29902033232180 IMG_29907318014224 IMG_29912001703310 IMG_29958668898582IMG_29962781043251 IMG_29969064244921IMG_29922495580566IMG_30002294445103IMG_30006254572772IMG_29994169824516IMG_29933422771237IMG_29794002955504 IMG_29940723768865

Back to back with the Philippine Embassy in Singapore in preparation for a relief operation in welcoming the Holidays for those Victims of Typhoons in the Philippines… Hand in Hand Bands and Models were united for a good cause.

Clementine: “Dragonfly Collector” Olearys Sports Bar & Restaurant Singapore Flyer IMG_30049217310376 IMG_16921710624175 IMG_28839919107260  IMG_30064053111132  IMG_13978157562147   IMG_30035494414410

a Birthday gig was set to welcome once again Clemen Castro aka Clementine, to take us back to his music from Orange & Lemons, The Camerawalls, The Beatles, The Smiths and a peek to his upcoming debut solo as “Dragonfly Collector”

Franco 09.Mar.2014 Powerhouse St James Powerstation Sentosa IMG_13241588406962 IMG_14162378361110 IMG_14174403307908 IMG_14201664359337 IMG_30310225310417 IMG_16934170388598IMG_14917522397679

Franco another Cebu’s finest rock band (2008), alternative, post grunge, metal, rock band.

Album: “Frank!”

IMG_14235341230061 IMG_14514416369029IMG_14533006762120  IMG_15332334197667IMG_14930015592185  IMG_15345131086966

IMG_26048555318411  IMG_26077448136258 IMG_26087170884138 IMG_26114117528609IMG_26095100739225 IMG_26098046636477  IMG_26175114109138 IMG_26211563606488  IMG_26285977249649    IMG_30175722842977IMG_30168488738598IMG_30213843983579IMG_30197142389487   IMG_30345627824183 IMG_30233199793046IMG_30224036283791IMG_30237103810507IMG_30395833762165 IMG_30374503685488  IMG_30283625935029 IMG_30286687991738 IMG_30290506343532  IMG_30277036849275 IMG_30361182589149

A night of hunk artist such as ‘Islaw’, headbanging, rocking lady vocalists and their breathless notes, to shirtless performers and their gorgeous yummy abs!, heart stopping Front Acts, to Ed Avelino’s signature group Selfie.

Sexy celebrity guest audience such as Sheree (Viva Hot Babes) and Epi Quizon.

Kevin Roy + Kessenth Cheng 05.Apr.2014 Olearys Sports Bar & Restaurant Singapore Flyer IMG_14258645390823 IMG_15200116748439

Kevin Roy filipino lead singer of the rock band “Razorback” (1990)

IMG_15226597231492 IMG_30451181348984


From Dusk til Dawn, never ending boost of alcohol, an acoustic night were he covers from rock, to any type of genre including Britney Spears songs. They even made a short tribute to RRSG.

Lee Grane 05.Jul.2014 Blu Jaz Cafe Bali Lane

IMG_14307994267596 IMG_30617818413896

Lee Grane filipina singer from makati, a contestant from the first season of “The Voice Philippines”

IMG_30560416965828IMG_30565848686080IMG_30549328823697IMG_30552984293949IMG_30541065741735 IMG_14320494700186IMG_14338636758402IMG_30569777659540    IMG_15128627095529

another soulful performer from the Philippines which brought us back to our country.

Aftershock Bands Collective Jul 2014 Hard Rock Cafe SG IMG_14399505547557 IMG_14430882587946IMG_26687104452632IMG_26754247982372   IMG_26797208599017 IMG_26806109471355

RRSG also supports other bands initiatives/ programs – Big guys with their Ukelele was such a highlight.

Color It Red 30.Aug.2014 Olearys Sports Bar & Restaurant Singapore Flyer IMG_21668907879073IMG_14947908198360IMG_26991954242486 IMG_27024679744085

Color It Red filipino alternative/ pop/ rock band (1990)

Album: “The Best of Color It Red”

IMG_27015631720080IMG_14561053490258IMG_14653094092594  IMG_27054264849099      IMG_27073062404483 IMG_27124086872965  IMG_27147991266268 IMG_27184873431536

Taking us back to the 90’s when the lead singer Cookie Chua sang us “Paglisan”.

Vienna Teng Sept 2014 Blu Jaz Cafe Bali LaneIMG_26916967310658



Vienna Teng Taiwanese American Pianist and singer- songwriter based in Detroit Michigan, folk, pop, classical piano and a capella.

Album: “Aims”

She was on tour unexpectedly and exciting the venue almost didn’t accommodate the huge crowd and endless fans coming up to the last minute to see her perform. Magically Beautiful!

Aquostika 23.Oct.2014 70’s Bistro Manila, Philippines IMG_21611509808003

RRSG back to back with RR Phils had a sweet reunion in Manila – Pinoy Artists they’ve brought here in Singapore.

I’m pretty sure it was Epic.

Franco + Power Spoonz 09.Nov.2014 Powerhouse St James Powerstation Sentosa IMG_105727341454636IMG_44124670855236IMG_44637069814606IMG_44586903862957IMG_44607532435967IMG_44591799448542IMG_44419041274710IMG_44654463492239IMG_44401624136910IMG_44813540801648IMG_44212365765445IMG_44539834264143IMG_44510198019837IMG_44468617569734IMG_44559556669360IMG_44564312568572IMG_44378066896566IMG_44572649892200IMG_44457728076562IMG_44480762082782IMG_44474966974737IMG_44322256832830IMG_44164557438880IMG_44269235779139IMG_44299502410778IMG_44309628691908IMG_44220201640282IMG_44206084413026IMG_44201464431440IMG_45914036204813IMG_45880505243047IMG_44365513696727

Before the year ends RRSG brought back FRANCO joined by these amazing FRONT ACTS “Ulinggang & Castego” from the breathtaking vocalists, to the wild and sexy bassists/ guitarists, to the fascinating jaw dropping drummers.

The event haven’t yet ended I was already been totally drunk, and didn’t manage to watch the rest of the performance.

Luckily there were so many such good souls who did manage to help me recover. Thanks to Ed Avelino my boyfriend, his friends & mine as well and his band Ulinggang. They were totally my life savers that night.

Requiem Rising Reunion 13.Dec.2014 Blu Jaz Cafe IMG_10492483655088IMG-20141214-WA001820141213_21211620141213_21193920141213_212127       IMG-20141214-WA0001   IMG-20141214-WA0004  IMG-20141214-WA0013  IMG-20141214-WA0017

Since it’s a Holiday Season there’s nothing more exciting than having REUNIONS. Monx back again on cajon. Cajooters on stage again with Ann Coyoca. RRSG and their family and kids. Just an open night for everyone to simply relax and enjoy the night.

…to be continued

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