9 of 365 Days – Passion (Dream VS Reality)


Passion VS Practicality

When was the time that you used to have something in mind for yourself and your parents had something else – because they know or understood it better. And had no other choice but to follow?

In my case it was 17 years ago during college when I’m in the midst of deciding which to pursue and whom to follow. At that time I was supposed to take up  – “Fine Arts” majoring in any field for as long as it involves what I was passionate about – “Art.”


But everything changed when Mom get to decide for me. She insisted that I choose Commerce majoring in Banking and Finance instead. Due to its practicality and having in mind that in the future I wouldn’t have such trouble finding a job since I have relatives who works for the same field.

You see I grew up with my relatives – Aunts (second cousin of my Mom) and Grandparents. Mom got married and I had two half siblings. My step father took care of my schooling (as my biological father denied his parentage over me) having this as a reason to just follow what Mom thinks best. I didn’t grew up with Mom. I only get to see her several times in a year. I guess that’s the reason why ‘coz she probably didn’t know me well. What I’m passionate about. My likes and dislikes.

I’ll forever be grateful to each one of them who had given me all the love and support that I needed.

Having said all that I did go for Mom’s choice, dropping off my dreams and had chosen between my passion and practicality. At that time one couldn’t simply rely or entrust everything to “Art” or being an “Artist”  to fill in an empty stomach, pay up the bills or to help one survive.

After college I landed a job in one of the prestigious Banks (Philippines) as a New Accounts Clerk (Front Liner) handling opening of accounts, maturities of time deposits of valued clients and other peoples bank accounts. I seriously hate Math but I ended up in a field where there’s lots of numbers and figures involved. The mindless repetition was crazy. Atleast it’s practical and can pay the bills. I’ve been happy since I  worked on an environment that helped me grow. A boss and co- workers whom treated me as family. And that’s where I’ve found love too. But from time to time my passion still dominates and for that reason I had to do something – I took classes on Fashion Illustration, Fashion Design and Pattern-making during weekends. I couldn’t express the joy I felt at that time. I was so thrilled and excited. From there I got to meet inspiring people like renowned Philippine Fashion Designers as my mentors and gained friends.

I lasted on that job for about 5 years. And took an opportunity to shift and work Overseas (Singapore) but still on the same field this time as an Accountant (Recruitment Agency).  Stayed at that job for 8 months then took a shift to Retail as a Visual Merchandiser. From there I get to use what I’ve learned about Fashion. I gained the knowledge and the experience that I needed. After 4 years, luck had been reluctant that I needed to find another job. But the universe was still in favor that I remain working abroad so I landed on a new job this time as a Frontdesk/ Receptionist in one of the well known manufacturing company in the world.

Can you see the pattern going on here? I’ve been going on circles.

The question is would I be more happier, successful and make more if I followed my real passion? As life was uncertain, there’s lots of risk and possibility of failure involved. Following it might not provide a stable future. That’s why I’ve chosen the safest and practical.

to be continued…


  1. I didn’t know what to choose so I choose what had my interest at that time, which was cooking, after a few years I didn’t like it anymore then I went for graphic industry, finished school and now work in this field, though right now it’s killing me and don’t find any joy anymore, I decided to to go back to school next year to follow a hobby of mine which I seriously love doing since I was in high school (photography), I hope I can turn my hobby into work with this 🙂 My parents never got in “my way” when it comes to choosing a school or education, they’ve only supported me in the decisions I have made so far so I’m really happy with that and I think that’s kind of a luxury to have.

    • I was going in circles balancing work and pushing through towards my real passion anything that has something to do with Art – Sketching, Photography, Etc. I had the same thoughts in mind that if I quit job soon I might as well see myself back to studying and perfecting the art. 🙂 I guess I should take out having some thoughts of regret as it wasn’t too late for as long as i’m living I know one day something great will come.

      • it’s never too late for anything but it’s up to you to change it 🙂 some people pursue their passion when they are 50+. I’m 26 now and I have decided I do not want to work in what I do now. I need to get a loan from the bank to pay the study because with a side job I can never pay that amount but I choose for my passion now and till now it feels like I’ve made the right decision 🙂

      • True. That’s the same thing that my heart has been telling me. I’ll give myself another year just to save up a bit more… happy to have heard inspiring stories and great comments coming from you guys from the other side of the world. 🙂

      • 🙂 take your time indeed and you’re welcome I always love to hear positive things myself so I try to encourage others too.

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