14 of 365 Days -The Journey Awaits



Photographed by Gthewallflower

It  took me some time to pause for awhile to think about my life and the way I’ve been living it. Lately I’ve been battling with some thoughts of quitting my job and to pursue my passion. It’s a tough decision to make as there’s lots of things to consider before I make the final one. My work no longer serves as a foundation of growth but rather it gives me so much frustration, stress and discontentment. In order to help myself and the situation I’m currently on, I told myself that I needed to think of something and act on it. Slowly I’ve seen myself reliving the life I used to have back then, that is keeping myself busy – taking drumming lessons again, sketching, reading self help books and inspiring ones that would help me throughout this process, I’ve been painting, stitching as a newly found hobby, doing photography, organizing and sorting stuffs, thinking of my goals (short & long term), updating my bucket list and keeping a daily journal. I guess for now these things would somehow give me some added inspiration and motivation to go further.


I’ve been watching youtube during wee hours learning how other people relive their lives at the same time pursuing their passion. I’ve glance at one youtuber that has spoken to me as he utter these words

” Quitting a job and travel a path that I’ve almost passed up. Taking this path was far from easy just about the scariest thing I’ve ever done. It meant walking away from a job I worked so hard to achieve. It meant prematurely closing my apartment place. It meant telling my friends and family that I was leaving behind the real world. It was time for me to create my own path and forbuild the safety of the life that I had built. This was my chance to redefine success and happiness. I ventured off to the unknown and it was the best decision of my life. I was taught just like the rest of the world to get a job and join the rat race. When it finally came my time to embrace the corporate life it became quickly apparent that it was taking away my life. After several years of working the grind I asked myself this question either to stick with it for the next years until I retire or take this next few years to unconditionally follow my passion?

I began my trip with a big dream. I took my hobby and passion and set out to perfect the art. I taught myself everything I know by watching tutorials and making one every single day. I had no idea what I was doing but I was confident that I’d make it work the sink and swim situation. Everyday I woke up motivated and energized like never before. I was doing what I love most. Pursuing my passion and travelling. There’s nothing as liberating as following your passion, many people often think that decision to leave behind everything was risky but they often neglect the biggest risk which is not reaching our full potential, not living a life which we chase the things that ignite us. If in two years time I’ve realized that it’s not my cup of tea I’ll be able to return back to the real world knowing that I gave it my very best. If I continue down the corporate road I may have buy a house sooner or get a higher position in a firm but I would always lead to the void a different wondering if I could have accomplished something greater.

When you follow your passion it’s impossible to lose. At the end of the day my path was never really a path at all, it was about going to the unknown and seeing if I came out of the other side. My story was one of getting lost. I have no idea where this journey would take me; the destination, the opportunities, the finances are all unknown but this will not be the opportunity that I would slide by.”

It served as an answered prayer that I wasn’t alone on this. It was a small voice that speaks highly of my sentiments and the answers were given. There were too many great options. We are the ones whose making our own paths and building a brighter future ahead of us. I guess we just have to face our own fears, take the challenge, change the way we see things and learn to be positive.

I may not have left yet and quit my job. I haven’t dive into one of the biggest decisions I had to make. Maybe someday SOON, when I’m fully ready.

“As this isn’t about quitting. It’s about pursuing your passion unconditionally, find the thing in your life that gives you hope and energy and chase it down with all that you’ve got. Take the leap of faith and get lost.”


“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us for the new perspectives and what remains to be discovered, for the experiences we’ve acquired and still yet to come, for the stories were given and those we create for ourselves. Every story has one thing in common a “Beginning” by the end we are not the same we are more.”

PS: I would love to hear more inspiring stories from those whom have read this. Please do comment down below. 🙂

Here’s to a new beginning…



  1. Cathy says:

    I hope you pursue your passion! What makes you happy is all you can ask for.

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