Month: December 2016

17 of 365 Days – Reflections

There were certain things I’ve heard about me and let them define me. As an introvert I’m easily judged for being too quiet. There were times I would pause and ask myself why?  “This isn’t who I am” Crying is something you should do in the dark. “If someone see’s me weak,

16 of 365 Days – “Life & Death”

  “Buhay I” and “Buhay II” Acrylic, Ink, Artist’s Blood on canvas “Pheromones” “Stay Forgotten” “Judged” “Wrong Face in the Wrong Place” Acrylic, Ink, Artist’s Blood on canvas “I’m not happy and not sad” “The Little Death” “Thirteenth Commandment” Acrylic, Ink, Artist’s Blood on canvas “The Cradle is soft and warm” “Love

15 of 365 Days – “Alon and lasting love”

“Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill I have a tendency to fall in love with everywhere I go, but I seriously love everything about La Union. The weather, the waves, the beautiful people, the food, the beaches. Here’s our story of

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