19 of 365 Days – “A Letter To My 35-Year-Old Self”


“I want you to achieve more than I did.”

I hope your smiling. This is but another chapter. Time has come to start fresh again. There are certain routes I’d want you to take.

Go and Wander!

Discover and Visit places you’ve never been to, meet and gain new friends, Travel more and hopefully by the end of this year 2017 you’ll find yourself enjoying the beauty of “Santorini” as promised.

I wish I could squeeze, hug  and tell you all about the amazing Adventures you’re going to have. Explore more and Live life to it’s fullest.

But first,  Take care of yourself more. Stay Healthy by continuously eating the right food, getting enough sleep, and please do exercise. You’re not getting any younger.

I hope you have found the right balance between change and routine. Stop procrastinating and delaying things.

Stay Positive.

Often you are too hard on yourself, when you do not write enough on any given day, when your writing doesn’t sing. Don’t ever give up. Try to finish this challenge eventhough it was supposed to be due last year. Continue working on this as there’s still so many things to share and learn from.

There would be people who will tell you you’re not good enough. Believe in yourself. Don’t carry them with you; they don’t deserve your attention. Shift your focus on more important things.

Finding Love that would last a lifetime and Falling in love won’t be easy. It will be scary and messy and complicated, but also exhilarating and beautiful and deeply satisfying. Don’t ever lose hope. Never ever compare yourself as to those whom had already found love; getting married; had children. You’ll have your time. Time wherein you’ll find the correct love you truly deserve. A partner who will adore you, trust and respect; devote their precious time; moments you’ll get to share and of discovering great things about each other. And if ever He doesn’t come, no need to panic. Life doesn’t STOP there. Learn to value and love yourself. Hang in there. Things get better, I promise. You have adventure, and success to look forward to.

Every time you think you fail, every time you don’t think at all, remember things aren’t always certain and you aren’t always right. That doesn’t mean to stop trying, though. It in fact means the latter; make the mistakes you have to make, fail the things you need to fail, and– most importantly, decide what you feel you need to decide. Learn from everything. So many changes and new understandings await you. For now, enjoy what is right before you. You’ll understand that life has a way of making you uncomfortable so that you can find comfort.

After a year when you’re ready and decided; go follow and pursue your dream. Find yourself. Goodluck.


Your 34-Year-Old Self

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