20 of 365 Days – “Two Feet And A Heartbeat”


“It’s only with the Heart that one can see clearly. What’s essential is invisible to the eye.”

— Antoine de Saint Exupery, The Little Prince

My Little Prince.

Your curiosity and innocence had taught me that we can’t truly understand unless we search for the meaning ourselves through experiencing it first hand. Like the lonely Pilot; I lived my life alone without anyone I could really talk to. Often times I wasn’t behaving like a grown up. I would want to be ambitious enough to believe in my talent as an Artist but just like him I tend to disregard it. Like a trapped Star. Not until the day I’ve found hope in you.

I had periods of struggle that are often hidden, left undocumented. It doesn’t mean that those dark days count less. There’s so much negativity out there, minor meaningless things clouding me up; probably “one sting and all my problems would disappear!” But Life doesn’t work that way. I am slowly learning to take the good in and filter out the bad.

You have been a constant reminder to do what makes one happy. And to discover what really matters is through the Heart – it knows best. We often tend to stay inside our “comfort zones” because it’s easier than taking risks. You have driven me to go experience and explore more. I guess no one is ever satisfied with where she is. The road is home. Finding a piece of home in every place and face I encounter with.

Life is simply Beautiful.

Lesson Learned: Only the heart can see correctly; My time away from Home has made me appreciate more vice-versa; and love entails responsibility.

You made me realize of how unique I am in my own little way.

That Love comes in all forms. It is everywhere. It is any Time and Day.

I want you to hear me as I laugh again, like the way you do. So precious, pure and full of life that made me forget all about my misfortunes. That we shouldn’t compromise our enjoyment of the simple pleasures in life.

Slowly, I have found beauty in everything about myself which radiates even more beauty; mainly from within. Like how the sky bleeds it’s artistic charm.

You’re only a child but you have taught me about Life. It is sad that we ended the same way. You left me. I know as much as you wanted to stay you couldn’t because your Rose is waiting.

For as long as the stars glisten in the night sky, I won’t feel alone and I won’t be blue.

“Far, happiness isn’t far
Not far from where you are.”

Just like the sun kisses the moon goodnight, you sleep tight my love.

One day i’ll meet you my Prince; my Star. We will be together.

Until then i’ll be waiting too.

PS I promise to draw you a sheep.

Your flower with curious feet and a heartbeat.


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