21 of 365 Days – GOALS achieved.

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Photographed by Ryan Aguila

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. Apologies if I haven’t been blogging but the truth is I‘ve been busy enjoying life and creating new memories. I’ve deactivated some of the social media that I normally use as I see it as a distraction on my progress.  I’m at a point where my priority for now is to live life. Soon i’ll have new experiences to share with.

This year started with a new healthy lifestyle.

From waking up earlier than the usual and avoiding being late for work. I’ve never been so energized.

To eating full meals a day. Yes you heard it right I’m starting my day with having breakfast nowadays – Oatmeal with Strawberries; Cornflakes or toasted bread with cream cheese and a mug of coffee or tea.

Mastering the “Art of Cooking” It’s been 5 months now that I’ve been constantly cooking my own food. From brainstorming/ planning the entire meal for the week (a time table or chart really did help); to listing down ingredients needed; to grocery shopping during weekends; and cooking meals every night after work (fixing my packed lunch and dinner).


Heading out to do Grocery  Shopping with my trusty trolley


Honestly, I don’t usually cook. Back home (Philippines) we were quite pampered that there’s always cooked food at the table. I’ve been living alone abroad (Singapore) for about 9 years now and all I do was to buy cooked meals either from Hawker Food Center/ Fast food Restaurants. Few years back when I was still living with a room mate that’s the only time I tried cooking, we took turns. And now that I’m back to living solo I’ve decided to try cooking again until it became a Habit. Despite being tired from 9 Hrs work I made sure that I still got the time to fix my own food before I sleep. And I did it! Hooray!

With the help of the recipes I’ve found via Youtube through #PanlasangPinoy (a Filipino youtuber sharing his Filipino Recipes and ways of how to cook it) Thank God!

I’ve recently discovered a talent through “Cooking”. This is the main reason why I don’t believe when somebody says “oh, I don’t know how to cook!” For me nothing’s impossible, with a little dash of passion, practice, learning, motivation, a bit of patience and if you put your heart and enjoy the process you’ll see the result would be something wonderful. Oh, and don’t forget to add a sprinkle of love and joy to your cooking that’s one of the secrets to a delicious meal.

This habit helped me gain weight. Another goal accomplished. I’ve gained 2KG. Extra added pounds to my weight would be quite an achievement as It has been years that I’ve been struggling and trying to be fit. (except for the fact that I do have belly fats now haha) The next goal would be to convince myself and engage myself to a daily exercise. Yeah, I needed to exercise in order to be fit and stay healthy. Last year I bought a yoga mat and a jump rope it’s time to make use of those. I guess I should get myself engage into sports again such as Badminton, Wall Climbing and running some of the activities I was into back in my younger years.

Aside from the drum lessons I was engaged to every now and then I’d like to learn other  stuffs such as Bicycling and Swimming. Mastering the “Art of Balance”. I have no sense of direction; I always get lost one of the few reasons why I didn’t took driving classes aside from the fact that I get a bit nervous when I’m on the road. I’ve drowned so many times when I was little; being alone in an open water triggers my phobia. They said that in order to move on we must learn to face our own fears. It’s time.

Weekdays would be all about work while Weekends would be a devoted time for myself -to relax; spend time with the kids (my housemates kids); to do laundry; to cleaning up and organizing my room; taking care of my plants; grocery shopping and cooking. I’m no longer seen now on social media aside from Instagram wherein I use to find some inspiration and share short stories of my journey on cooking.

I still have plenty of time to fill in; keep myself busy and going.  These are the things happening in my daily life right now. Basically it’s more to discovering new things about myself.  I hope somehow you can find some inspiration from this and start believing in yourselves.

“Let your adventure begin today”

PS Appreciate if you would share with me some Quick Recipes that I could use. Thanks. 




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