22 of 365 Days – “Thirty Five, High Five!”

“Traveling allows me to experience the world first-hand, it enriches my soul and enables a deeper understanding of myself.”


Patong Beach, Phuket Thailand

On my 35th Birthday I went back to the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand.

Finding time to step away from work is exactly what i needed to clear my head and refocus my goals.

No birthday cakes, No fancy balloons, No Social Media – greetings came only from close friends and family whom remembered that special occasion were I turned a year older.

Several years ago during my trip here I get to see fascinating temples such as the Big Buddha;  a place where we can feed the monkeys; visited tourist spots like the Orchid Farm; Jewelry Shop where they’ll teach you how they make pearls; the Cashew Nut Factory; the safari where I get to ride an elephant; and get to swim at a waterfalls; experience Thai massage and spa; see the amazing boxing fighters on their motorcade; and watched Simon Cabaret with friends.

This year my days here were mostly spent on roaming around Patong, revisiting the places I’ve been to such as the Blanglah Road famous place for it’s “Nightlife” and good food. During this trip I’ve indulge myself to a variety of “seafoods” – Lobsters; Crabs; Shrimps; grilled fish; Squids; Oysters/Clams and Authentic Thai Foods – Pad Thai; Pineapple rice and fruit shakes. It’s a quite famous place also to get awesome souvenir items and Island hopping packages.

On my 3rd day at the island I was scheduled to go Island Hopping. The van that’s going to send us to our destination was late for about an hour. At Patong beach we were briefed and informed of our itinerary, rented our gears for snorkeling and off we go. It took us an hour and half to reach our first stop to go “snorkeling”, they’ve allotted 30mins to feed and swim with the fishes and to appreciate the beauty down under.


Afterwards we headed to our next stop which is the famous island in Phuket called  “Phi Phi” – when we landed on the said island our tour guide informed us that our boat was encountering some engine failure they’ll leave us at the said Island 3-4hours to have our buffet lunch,  take pictures, swim, relax and enjoy the scenery, after that they’ll come back for us in a different boat that will bring us to the rest of the islands for sight seeing.


Phi Phi Island


I’d say that I’ve appreciated more the beauty of this Island as compared before as during our trip that time this place was so packed with tourists.

The beach serves as a “breather” for me, exhaling all the negativity and inhaling all the positivity that this place have brought me. There’s just so much joy I felt whenever I get to visit such place so peaceful and inviting.



That afternoon the weather was in favor of us – Sunny, Blue Skies making me appreciate more it’s beauty. As if the sky, the sea and I were having a good conversation. Amazing!



Our tour guide fetched us with a smaller boat. We continued with our itinerary and headed to other islands for another round of snorkeling and sight seeing.


Viking Cave – “Birds Nest”


Phi Ley Bay


Loh Samah Bay

Our last stop was at Maya Bay wherein 9 passengers were taken to shift to our previous boat “Boat No. 9” it’s a much bigger boat but since it experienced engine failure awhile ago it would be a bit slower to take us home; I’ve decided to stay at the smaller boat. .

Were in the middle of the ocean when the rain started pouring, causing heavy waves and bumpy ride.  And it’s getting dark. What we’ve thought was quite fun, little that we know that we would experience a problem much worst than expected. Our boatman noticed that it might have hit hard while our boat was fighting against the heavy waves which caused a crack to it. A few minutes later our tour guide called our attention and yelled that we needed to shift to our previous boat “BOAT No. 9” immediately as the one that were in is about to SINK!

SINK? Literally, the boat is sinking.

(All I could ever think of at that time were those people at that boat, for all of us to survive that catastrophe)


Maya Bay

We all started grabbing “LIFE VESTS” unfortunately we were on a smaller boat wherein Vests were insufficient and nobody have noticed it until it’s needed. Luckily I was given one as I badly needed it coz I don’t know how to swim.

Just imagine two boats stuck in the middle of the sea, in total darkness with heavy waves and people trying their best to balance themselves to be able to transfer to the other boat by simply grabbing each other and hopping from one boat to the other. People started panicking and trying their best to make it to the other boat safely.

But God is good. We all survived.


“Life Saver”

Like a “cat with 9 lives”  we were all saved by our boat

“BOAT No. 9”

and honestly these “Life  Vests” were absolute life savers. I could not have imagined myself if somebody just pushes me to the waters out of panic, I might have drowned or even worst died.


Boat No. 9 saved us

This incident taught me how to value life.

That whatever life throws at us we would still have to consider ourselves lucky enough that each day we still could wake up and be given the chance to change things.

I guess this sums up my trip as a whole. But I’d still go back to this place and would still go island hopping. This doesn’t stop me from doing and get to explore the things I loved.

(Maybe next time i’ll be more alert and prepared with the necessary precautions in such cases. And to take swimming lessons!!!)


I am happy and blessed at 35!






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