22 of 365 Days – “Thirty Five, High Five!”

“Traveling allows me to experience the world first-hand, it enriches my soul and enables a deeper understanding of myself.” On my 35th Birthday I went back to the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand. Finding time to step away from work is exactly what i needed to clear my head and

21 of 365 Days – GOALS achieved.

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. Apologies if I haven’t been blogging but the truth is I‘ve been busy enjoying life and creating new memories. I’ve deactivated some of the social media that I normally use as I see it as a distraction on my progress.  I’m at a point

20 of 365 Days – “Two Feet And A Heartbeat”

“It’s only with the Heart that one can see clearly. What’s essential is invisible to the eye.” — Antoine de Saint Exupery, The Little Prince My Little Prince. Your curiosity and innocence had taught me that we can’t truly understand unless we search for the meaning ourselves through experiencing it first

19 of 365 Days – “A Letter To My 35-Year-Old Self”

“I want you to achieve more than I did.” I hope your smiling. This is but another chapter. Time has come to start fresh again. There are certain routes I’d want you to take. Go and Wander! Discover and Visit places you’ve never been to, meet and gain new friends,

18 of 365 Days – “Ring out the Old, Ring in the New”

I could think of no better way to welcome the New Year with – “Gratitude” 2017 serves as a chance for us to start anew. And instead of wallowing from all the misfortunes of the past, it is a great opportunity for us to appreciate and be grateful of the many blessings

17 of 365 Days – Reflections

There were certain things I’ve heard about me and let them define me. As an introvert I’m easily judged for being too quiet. There were times I would pause and ask myself why?  “This isn’t who I am” Crying is something you should do in the dark. “If someone see’s me weak,

16 of 365 Days – “Life & Death”

  “Buhay I” and “Buhay II” Acrylic, Ink, Artist’s Blood on canvas “Pheromones” “Stay Forgotten” “Judged” “Wrong Face in the Wrong Place” Acrylic, Ink, Artist’s Blood on canvas “I’m not happy and not sad” “The Little Death” “Thirteenth Commandment” Acrylic, Ink, Artist’s Blood on canvas “The Cradle is soft and warm” “Love

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