Fun Shoot { June 2011}

Locations: Hougang, Helix Bridge, Sentosa, Fort Canning

Mel Lim June2011

Themed Shoot: “Geny In Wonderland”

Location: Botanical Garden, SingaporeMel lim 10

Bridal Couture: “Malay Wedding”

Location: Labrador Park, Singapore

Partnered with: Harryz Zaari

By Melanie Leonardo Lim

Fun Shoot {Aug 2011}

Location: Floating Island Sengkang, Singapore


By Louie Angelo Coronel

Theme: “Sneakerhead” {June 2012}

Location: Skate Park, Singapore

Rhondel Villavicencio 1By Rhondel Villavicencio

Theme: “Blood Ransom” {July 2012}

Location: Paco Park, Philippines

Pochollo Jimenez 5 - Copy

Pochollo Jimenez 4Pochollo Jimenez 2

Pochollo Jimenez 3

HMUA By Pia Cuenco

Carlito Biana 1

Carlito Biana 2

carlo biana 1By Carlo Biana

Fun Shoot {July 2012}

Location: Clarke Quay, Singapore

HMUA By: Wendy Waters

Tom Balon 1

Tom Balon 2

By Tom Balon

Van Eshia 1

By Van Eshia

Location: Fort Canning

HMUA By: Melanie Lim

Van Eshia 2Van Eshia 3

By Francis Malig, Manny Melanio, Jonathan Conti, Redel Punzalan

SFAC “Lupang Hinirang” Habagat {Aug 2012}

Location: Fort Canning, Singapore

HMUA: Jasmine Tan

SFAC Lupang Hinirang

554589_4381027725700_252953460_nBy Barnard Baniqued


Francis Malig 1Fer Badillo 1

By Francis Malig, Fer Badilo

Theme: “Anne Curtis” {Aug 2012}

Location: Paya Lebar, Singapore

Van Eshia 1Van eshia 2

By Van Eshia

Fun Shoot {Sept 2012}

Location: Eastern Lagoon, Singapore

HMUA By Cath Casio

By Van Eshia, Cath Casio

Fun Shoot {Sept 2012}

Location: Emerald Hill, Singapore

Organized by: REH Photography

HMUA By: Liv Cruz

Ed Balajadia 1

By Ed Balajadia

Basketball Muse {Sept 2012}


Allan Nacpil Photography {Sept 2012}

Location: Rivervale, Singapore

HMUA By: Margaux Reyes

Allan Nacpil 1


Theme: “Emily Soto” {Oct 2012}

Location: Fort Canning, Singapore

Organizer: Shifters Photography

HMUA By: Suzane Calero

Kym Hermoso 1

By Kym Hermoso


539451_4545217150333_1089583473_nBy Fron Duque

Van Eshia 4Van Eshia 5Van eshia 6

By Van Eshia

SFAC “Care for a Friend” {Oct 2012}

Loaction: Fort Canning, Singapore

HMUA: Liv Cruz 

Gilbert Contreras 1

Maria Christina Pastor 1


lito jimenez 1

By Kym Hermoso, Maria Christina Pastor, Lito Jimenez

Fun Shoot 

By Franco Sevilla

Theme: “Invasion” {Nov 2012}

Location: Marina Bay, Singapore

HMUA By: Suzane Calero

By Van Eshia

Bikini Shoot {Jan 2013}

Location: Sentosa, Singapore

john ferrer 1

john ferrer 2

By John Ferrer

deo virtucio 1

By Deo Virtucio

1379956_10201902712311291_683853437_n1240118_10201902710511246_2035359597_n1209257_10201902706991158_776012290_n1385110_10201902707391168_1720703056_n1381347_10201902708151187_584681674_n1380603_10201902707791178_678293759_n1376489_10201902708471195_2030717251_nBy Jef Calayo

Fun Shoot {Jan 2013}

Location: Chinese Garden, Singapore

HMUA By:  Ria Maynes

Kenneth Beltran

Mervin Maynes 1

By Kenneth Beltran, Mervin Maynes

Fun Shoot “Korean” {Jan 2013}

Location: Paya Lebar, Singapore

Partnered with Jayare Doncillo

van eshia 3van eshia 4van eshia 5van eshia 6

Bikini Shoot {Jan 2013}

Organized by Happy Ending

Location: Sentosa, Singapore

cita black By Cita Black

Beauty Shoot {Feb 2013}

Organized by S3P

HMUA: Reza Lombos

eric vasco 4eric vasco 1eric vasco 2eric vasco 3eric vasco 5

By Eric Vasco

eric vasco & nathan silla

Post Processed by Nathan Silla

yeng regidor 1

By Yeng Regidor

dan tandog

By Dan Tandog

Paulo Legaspi Photography

Location: Riviera, Singapore

Partnered with Jayare Doncillo

paulo legaspi 1



Boudoir Shoot {Feb 2013}

Location: Paya Lebar, Singapore

HMUA By Farrah Sotto

van eshia 8By Van Eshia

Fun Shoot {Feb 2013}

Organized by S3P

Location: Marina Bay, Singapore

HMUA By: Reza Lombos

Kenneth Beltran 2

By Kenneth Beltran

yeng regidor 2eric vasco 6

By Eric Vasco

kutz sape

By Kutz Sape 

Vintage Shoot {Mar 2013}

Organized By: S3P

Location: Fort Canning, Singapore

HMUA: Kutz Sape

Bruce wayne 1By Garry EncarnacionChristian Davis 1By Christian DavisGian VerduzBy Gian VerduzVRF 1By Von Ryan Francisco

Bridal Shoot “Malay Traditional” {Apr 2013}

Designer/ HMUA: Wedding Couture/ Dicky

Partnered with: Jayare Doncillo

van eshia9APr2013paul


Apr 2013 2

By Van Eshia, Allan Nacpil, Paul Queblatin, Cath Casio

SFAC “Chariebella” {April 2013}

Location: Fort Canning, Singapore

HMUA By: Kleng Santos

Designer: Jeicelle Pantig

arnel de leon

Theme: Paper Kutz {Apr 2013}

Organized by S3P

Location: Marina Bay, Singapore

HMUA: Kutz Sape

michael villanueva


By Michael Villanueva

Majellas Studio Shoot {May 2013}

HMUA By: Suzane Calero

Designer: Don Cristobal

van eshia 10van eshia 11By Van Eshia


By Renalyn & Rod Camelon

Bikini Shoot {May 2013}

Location: Marina Bay Singapore

HMUA By Cath Casio

van eshia 12


By Van Eshia

SFAC ” Great Gatsby” {May 2013}

Location: Fort Canning, Singapore

HMUA By: Suzane Calero



By Joel Wagan

andrew ramirezjennie dilag

By Andrew Ramirez, Jennie Dilag

fer badillo

By Fer Badillo

Theme: “Blonde” {June 2013}

Designer/ HMUA: Wedding Couture/ Dicky


By Nathan Silla

gian verduz 1

gian verduz 2

By Gian Verduz

Theme: “Timeless” {June 2013}

Location: Fort Canning, Singapore

HMUA: Suzane Calero

Designer: Don Cristobal

junn luistro 1Andy Kooi

By Junn Luistro, Andy Kooi

Theme: “Rockstar” {June 2013}

Designer/ HMUA By: Wedding Couture/ Dicky

van eshia 13

By Van Eshia

Theme: “Flowers In Bloom” {June 2013}

Location: Fort Canning, Singapore

HMUA By: Jasmine Tan

Designer: Don Cristobal

fer badillo 1fer badillo 2By Fer Badillojoel waganBy Joel Wagan

Fun Shoot {July 2013}

Location: BeerHouse Bali Lane, Singapore

sonny santos 1sonny santos 2

By Sonny Santos

SFAC “Paglaom” {July 2013}

Location: Fort Canning, Singapore

HMUA By: Kutz Dizon


OFW Pinoy Star Magazine

gian verduzBy Gian Verduz

Fun Shoot {July 2013}

Location: Olearys Bar Singapore Flyer

jerald galang

By Jerald Galang

Highlight:           Manny Libres Librodo “Boudoir” Workshop {Aug 2013}

Location: Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore

Designer/ HMUA By: Wedding Couture/ Dicky


manny librodo 1

By Manny Libres Librodo


By Beaute Dans Les 

“Geny Ann Gutierrez” – {completed August 11, 2013}

Illustration with pencil, ink & subject’s / model’s blood on 300g watercolor paper
360mm x 255mm


By Michael Cu Fua

Theme: “Wizard of Oz” {Sept 2013}

Loaction: Fort Canning, Singapore

HMUA By: Suzane Calero

Designer: Don Cristobal


By Nathan Silla

Theme: “Couture” {Sept 2013}

Location: Chinese Garden, Singapore

HMUA By: Jasmine Tan

Designer: Don Cristobal


By Fer Badillo

Model Runway Casting Call “Noel Caleb’s {Sept 2013}


Highlight:        On the Cover of “Cruising Going Places Travel Magazine” {Oct 2013 Issue}

(Plus 8 pages full spread)

Published By:  Manila Bulletin

Location: Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore

HMUA By: Cath Casio

Creative Director/ Stylist: Dexter Francis De Vera


By Van Eshia




Runway for Noel Caleb {Nov 2013}

Location: Butterfly Factory – Fullerton One, Singapore



SFAC “Bangon Pilipinas” {Nov 2013}

Organized by: MASP

Location: Hort Park, Singapore

HMUA By: Jasmine Tan



By Merwille Penaloza

Theme: “Project 101: Series of Super Heroes” {Dec 2013}

Organized by: S3P

Location: Prodigy Studio, Singapore

HMUA: Cathie Abracia

963943_695343323818926_921141318_oBy Christian Davis

1400620_10201018250408217_954808776_oBy Gian Verduz

Photoshoot with Don Cristobal {Feb 2014}

Location: D&C Fashion Studio

HMUA: Andrew Jardenil, Jovit Sanguyo, Oliver Bumatay

Designer: Don Cristobal



Photoshoot with Paulo Legaspi

Location: Haji Lane, Singapore


Bridal Shoot {Apr 2014}

Location: Fort Canning, Singapore

HMUA By: Suzane Calero

Designer: Don Cristobal


By Romy Campanero


By Spencer Tan

Splendid Singapore {Apr 2014}

Loaction: Gardens by the Bay

HMUA: Ann Constantino

Designer: Don Cristobal


By Juzz Cola

Photoshoot for “Bestida” {May 2014}

Location: Haji Lane, Singapore


By Kat Mendoza

PreNup Workshop By Ryan Ortega {Apr 2014}

Location: SOTA, Singapore

HMUA: Pat Pat Kong

Partnered with: Jayare Doncillo


By Ryan Ortega


By Red K

1913336_10152277734449675_863068663_oBy Dell Castro

Bikini Shoot {June 2014}

Organized by: Happy Ending

Location: Sentosa, Singapore


By Renn Rementilla


By Gian Quidasol

Fun Shoot {Jul 2014}

Location: Somerset Youth Park, Singapore



By Christian Davis

Photoshoot with Don Cristobal {July 2014}

Location: Fort Canning, Singapore

HMUA: Suzane Calero

Designer: Don Cristobal



SFAC “For Baby Janna” {Aug 2014}

Organized by: S3P

Location: Fort Canning, Singapore

HMUA: Kutz Dizon/ Donna Lou


By Luzter Lagon

Modeling 101 by Manila Productions {Oct 2014}

Location: LBC Kallang Warehouse, Singapore

HMUA: Suzane Calero


Collaboration with Tissa Pagaduan {Mar 2015}

Location: Tagaytay, Philippines


Collaboration with Ryan Aguila & Liezzle Capuras with Bien Mora {May 2015}


IMG_5111 (1)IMG_5121 (1)IMG_5065IMG_5034IMG_5143 (2)IMG_5149 (2)IMG_5150 (1)IMG_5151 (1)IMG_5226IMG_5254IMG_5257IMG_5259-2

Photoshoot with Andrew Apuya {June 2015}


Beauty Shoot {Jul 2015}

Location: S3P Crib

HMUA: Edz Izon

11728724_756199417822095_4587205846054145719_oBy Gian Verduz

Photoshoot with Ryan Aguila {July 2015}


DSC00696 (1)DSC00697 (1)

Photoshoot with Christian Davis Bamba {Feb 2016}



Collaboration with Ryan Aguila {May 2016}

IMG_0081 (1)IMG_0080 (1)

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

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